Angular 2 Tutorial

Angular 2 Tutorial

This Angular 2 tutorial  provides in-depth concepts of Angular framework with simplified examples. Angular was developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2009.

What is Angular

Angular is open-source JavaScript framework for building client side web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. Angular is built and maintained by Google Team.

Angular 2 or Angular 4 is not just another version of AngularJS framework, It is completely rewritten framework.

Evaluation of Angular

The first version of Angular developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons and the code name was AngularJS.

Later AngularJS acquired and maintained by Google Team and after many research Google have released Angular with code name Angular 2 in April 2015 and Angular 4 in March 2017.

Recently Angular 5 was announced to the world on November 1, 2017.

Angular VS AngularJS

  1. The architecture of an Angular application is different from AngularJS application because  main building blocks for Angular are modules, components, templates, metadata, data binding, services and dependency injection but main building blocks of AngularJS is Contorller and DOM.
  2. Angular 2 is not another version of AngularJS, It is completely rewritten framework.
  3. AngularJS is slow as compare to Angular.
  4. Two way  data binding is not available in AngularJS but it is available in Angular.
  5. AngularJS does not have mobile support whereas Angular has mobile support.
  6. AngularJS does not have dependency injection support but Angular has strong dependency injection support.
  7. AngularJS does not have production ready components like AOT but Angular has AOT and JIT.

Difference between JQuery and Angular

Before going through the differences between JQuery and Angular let me explain you the key difference. JQuery is not a framework it is just a library of JavaScript but Angular is framework.

  1. JQuery does not have template support but Angular do have template support.
  2. JQuery does not have RESTful services support but Angular has REST support.
  3. JQuery does not have two way data binding by default but Angular has by default two way data binding.
  4. Jquery does not have their internationalization support but Angular has.
  5. Form validation is not there in JQuery but Angular has form validation and Custom form validation support.

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