how to create user in oracle

How to create user in oracle

When we install oracle then few users will be creates automatically like sys , system , hr , demo.


Once you created user then you need to give privilege to that user means you can not connect to user until and unless you did not pass any  user privilege.

>create user vikash identified by vikash@123;

Here vikash is user name and vikash@123 is password.

Types of Users

  1. DBA
  2. Programmer
  3. Operator

What is DBA user

DBA user will have almost all privileges and It can access another user data without granting permission.

How to Grant DBA Role to User

>grant dba to vikash;

Here vikash is user name and dba is role of the user.

How to Remove DBA Role from User

>remove  dba from vikash;

What is programmer user

Programmer user who create object for developing software. Eg. Table, View, Procedure etc. Programmer user can not create user and can not access other user data without permission.

How to grant programmer Role to user

>grant resource,connect to vikash;

How to remove programmer Role from user

> revoke resource,connect from vikash;

What is operator user

Operator user can only connect with ORACLE, but can not create table, view, etc. rather later on DBA grant few tables, view to work on.

How to Grant Operator Role to User

>grant connect to vikash;

How to Revoke Operator Role From User

>revoke connect from vikash;

Example to create DBA user

>create user vikash identified by vikash@123;
>grant dba to vikash;

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