difference between node and npm

Difference between node and npm

Let’s understand the difference between node and NPM because people assume that both are same. So clarify your doubt here by given statement. The main use of NPM is to manage the project related dependencies and the main use of Node is to interpret the all Typescript file into JavaScript.


The acronyms of NPM is Node Package Manager and It let’s you install software, libraries, plugins, frameworks and applications etc.

In Angular application we will be using NPM to install all the dependencies software like PrimeNG, Ng Bootstrap etc.

In simple word we can say npm is a dependency provider in Angular.


NodeJS is just a another name for Node and it is used to interpret the Javascript codes,

Difference between npm and angular cli

Angular-cli is working on top of NPM. Angular CLI  is decencies provider in easier way to build Angular 2 based apps where Npm provides modules for your application like bootstrap, PrimeNG etc.


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