Junit Tutorial

Junit Tutorial

Junit tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals , here in Junit tutorial i will explain almost all Junit latest features including real time examples.

Before moving towards any Junit topics let’s understand what is Junit.

What is Junit

Junit is open source unit testing framework given by Apache Foundation for java programming language.

Here i wrote Junit is unit testing framework so you will have one question in your mind what is unit testing.

Latest version of Junit is 4.0.

What is Unit Testing

The testing performed by the developer on his own piece of code after completion of development is called as Unit Testing.

Advantage of Junit Framework

  1. We can automate the test cases means we no need to pass test case manually.
  2. Junit support test driven development.
  3. Junit is simple to learn and write test cases
  4. Junit has strong support of annotation by which we can write test case easily.

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