Maven Tutorial

Maven Tutorial

Maven tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals here in Maven tutorial i will discuss like maven example, plugin, pom, dependency, eclipse, repository etc.

Before moving to any other topics let’s understand what is maven and why maven came?.

What is Maven

Maven is project management tool given by Apache Foundation to simplify the project development efforts and project management.

We can say Maven is build tool or  scripting framework, because maven supports build process support like Apache Ant.

Latest version of Maven is 3.5.

Why Maven Came ?

First Reason :

As we know to develop any java project we need to add some set of JAR files into project lib directory and figuring out dependencies JAR files for any projects is not easy thing that is why Maven came up with some new idea to resolve this issue .

When you will use Maven then you no need to add any jar files explicitly just add some set of GOVcoordinates and Maven will take of all the dependent jar files automatically.

We will learn GOV in next topic.

Second Reason:

Creating the right project structure is quite typical thing for every developer like for J2EE project we have to follow some standard structure for Spring project we have to follow some different structure so that is why Maven came with their own project structure and maven project structure is common for all the application.

Working Functionality of Maven

  1. It provides build process like Ant.
  2. It provides Documentation for project code.
  3. It provides Reporting.
  4. It provides dependencies management for project.
  5. It provides  SCM.
  6. It provides Releases.
  7. We can add testing plugin like Junit in maven.

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