What Are RESTful Web Services

What Are RESTful Web Services

Let’s understand what Are RESTful Web Services, RESTful web services is an architectural style by which we can design distributed application and web application.

RESTful Web Services works working REST API.

What is REST

REST stands for Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style by which we can build distributed and web application.

REST is an architectural pattern, we can not say REST is a protocol like SOAP.

Advantages of REST over SOAP

  1. REST is an architectural pattern not a protocol.
  2. REST is light-weight.
  3. REST is faster than SOAP.
  4. REST is language and platform independent.
  5. REST is easy to learn and easy to work.
  6. REST works on different data format like JSON, XML, Simple text etc.

You can refer.

Difference between SOAP and REST

Principles of REST

Roy Thomas Fielding is an computer scientist, one of the principal author of the HTTP specification and the founder of Representational State Transfer architectural(REST).

Roy Thomas Fielding has given some principal, on the basis of these principal REST works.

What Are RESTful Web Services

  1. Client Server Architecture
  2. Stateless
  3. Resource identification
  4. Uniform Interface
  5. Representation-oriented
  6. Addressability.
  7. Hateos
  8. Cacheable.

Resource identification

Resources are class in REST application which are identified by URIs and which provide a global addressing space for resource and service discovery.

Uniform interface:

Resources are manipulated using a fixed set HTT methods like to read GET , to update PUT , and to  delete DELETE these are called Uniform interface.


In any simple or complex REST application client data will not be saved on server side.

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