Collection Basics
What is Collection
Why Collection ?
Collection API
Collection Hierarchy
What is List
What is ArrayList
What is LinkedList
What is Vector
method of vector class in java
What is Stack
List Advance
ArrayList user defined object
ArrayList internal implementation
LinkedList internal implementation
ArrayList VS LinkedList
ArrayList VS Vector
What is HashSet
What is LinkedHashSet
What is TreeSet
Set Advance
When to Use HashSet
HashSet internal Working
When to use LinkedHashSet
TreeSet internal Working
Set add method
Iterate Collection
Iterate Collection
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Iterator VS ListLterator
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Enumeration VS Iterator
What is HashMap
What is LinkedHashMap
What is TreeMap
What is Hashtable
What is WeakHashMap
What is IdentityHashMap
What is Properties file
Map Advance
What is Load-Factor
how to load properties file in java
how to iterate map in java
how to retrieve element of map using keySet
difference between hashmap and hashtable
Map Interview
Internal implementation of HashMap
HashMap Collision
Rehashing Process
Internal working of LinkedHashMap
What is Priority Queue
Concurrent Collections
Concurrent Collections
Concurrentmap in java
Why ConcurrentModificationException
What is ConcurrentHashMap
Internal Implementation of CHM
HashMap VS ConcurrentHashMap
What is CopyOnWriteArrayList
What is CopyOnWriteArraySet
Concurrent Map 2
Arraylist VS CopyOnWriteArrayList
put() VS putIfAbsent()
remove() method
replace() method
Collection Sorting
Comparable VS Comparator
Sort by multiple fields
Legacy class
Arrays class
What is Collections
Collection VS Collections
immutable object

what is collection in java

What is collection

Collection is an API which is given by java to store multiple object in single unit this objects may be same type or different type.

Every collection classes in java is based on some data structure whether this data structure is Stack,LinkedList, Queue etc.

Collection is an interface and it is root interface of List and Set.

What is Collection Framework

Collection Framework define several classes and interfaces,which can be used to represent a group of object as single unit.

When to use Collection

If we want to represent group of individual objects as single entity then we should go for Collection.

Usually we can use collection to store and transfer objects over the network

In general Collection interface is considered as root interface of collection framework.

Collection interface defines the most common methods which can be applicable for any objects.

Advantage of Collection

Reduced development effort by using core collection classes rather than implementing our own collection classes.

Points to Remember

  1. every collection classes implements Serializable,Cloneable interface.
  2. In every collection implementation classes toString() is overridden to return its content directly.


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