What is JSP

What is JSP

JSP is server side technology provided by sun micro system to design web application in order to generate dynamic response.

JSP tags are similar to HTML and XML.

What is purpose of JSP

The main intention to introduce JSP is to reduce java code as much as possible in web application.

What is Use of JSP

  1. use to design web application.
  2. In MVC Framework like Spring, JSP acts as a View part.
  3. Use to show data in browser

What is Benefits of JSP

  1. Any one can design web application without much more knowledge of java
  2. use to generate dynamic contents
  3. JSP is pre compiled no need to compile every time after some modification.

What is extension of JSP page

JSP page has .jsp extension.

JSP Deployment

It is possible to deploy the JSP page at any location in web application either in classes folder or in root folder

But if we deploy jsp page in classes folder then we have to write url pattern for the JSP page in web.xml file

But if we deploy JSP page in root folder then we no need to write URL pattern in web.xml file. it will be acsessible from any where


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