What is MongoDB

What is MongoDB

MongoDb is a open source document oriented database written in C++ language.

MongoDB is a No SQL database means it does not follow SQL language.

MongoDB represents JSON documents in binary-encoded format called BSON behind the scenes.

BSON extends the JSON model to provide additional data types and It is case sensitive.

Who Developed MongoDB

10 Gen Company

How Many OS Supports by MongoDB

MongoDB is a cross-platform means for all OS.

But for windows 32 OS it has given 2GB space only.

Advantages of MongoDB

  1. Schema Less.
  2. Structure of a single object is clear.
  3. No complex joins.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Light Weight.
  6. Faster than RDBMS.

Difference between MongoDB and RDBMS

MongoDb follows JSON language but RDBMS follows sql language.

In RDBMS table is use to store data in row and column format but in mongodb json use to store object.

What is JSON

JSON (Javascript object notation) is syntax for storing and exchanging data.

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