What is Servlet

What is Servlet

Servlet is a server side technology which is designed on the basis of java programming language.

As we know java is thread based programming language and that is why it is making Servlet as thread based techonology.

Current version of JEE or J2EE is 1.7

Current version of Servlet is 3.1

What is meanging of Thread based technology

If we will deploy Servlet application at any server then container will create a separate thread for each and every request coming from client.

Advantage of Servlet

  1. Thread is light-weight component so Servlet takes less memory and less execution time.
  2. Servlet will increase performance of task.
  3. Servlet will increase application performance.
  4. Servlet is secure.
  5. Servlet is robust.
  6. Servlet is platform independent.

Servlet will run on any server, without server we can not run Servlet program in java.

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