what is the operator in oracle

what is the operator in oracle

Operator used to perform operations such as comparison or arithmetical operations etc.

Types of operator

  1. SQL Arithmetic Operators
  2. SQL Comparison Operators
  3. SQL Logical Operators

SQL Logical Operators

Operator Description
AND Returns TRUE if both component conditions are TRUE.
OR Returns TRUE if either component condition is TRUE.
NOT Returns TRUE if the following condition is FALSE. Returns FALSE if it is TRUE
EXISTS If a subquery returns any rows at all, EXISTS subquery is TRUE, and NOT EXISTS subquery is FALSE
LIKE The LIKE conditions specify a test involving pattern matching
ALL Compares a value to every value in a list or return by a query.
BETWEEN A BETWEEN condition determines whether the value of one expression is in an interval defined by two other expressions.
IN An in_condition is a membership condition. It tests a value for membership in a list of values or subquery

SQL Arithmetic Operators

Operator Description Example
+ It will add two numeric number 10+20=30
It will substract two numbers 20-10=10
/ Use to devide two value 20/5=4
* Use to multiply two value 4*4=16

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